Akai Legacy


Akai Legacy [-4]
Description: By drawing on the power of your deceased ancestors you’re able to utilize a potent form of spirit magic. In return however you give your ancestors great sway over your actions.
Sponsor: The 20 generations of Akai ancestors who have wielded the family sword before you.
Agenda: See Akai Family code.
Evocation: The Ghosts of the Akai family provide spirit or metal evocations that often emulate sword techniques.
Thaumaturgy: The Akai Legacy allows its user to cast rituals that tap into the legends of dead heroes, as well as rituals that summon spiritual warriors.
Evothaum: Any Thaumaturgy granted by the Akai Legacy can be cast with the speed and methods of Evocation.
Extra Benefits: The ghosts of your ancestor demand poise and acting with honour at all times. You use your discipline in place of your presence to determine your Social Stress track.

The Akai Family Code
1. Never kill a mortal with magic
2. Knowledge is not only power, it is also a burden
3. Nothing is ever there to just help you, never stay in debt
4. Faeries are deal makers, be careful with your words around them
5. Duty before Love
6. Ensure the succession of the line
7. Never make a deal with the demon, or his allies
8. Honour the way of the sword
9. Keep bystanders out of your charge
10. Repay Allies and foes alike each in kind
11. Respect the dead
12. There is always another day
13. Never Trust a Wizard


Akai Legacy

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