Ancient sword

weapon (melee)

Description: An unassuming Japanese Katana that has gained significant magical powers over the past several centuries.
Musts: You must be a descendant of the Akai family, and Have a High Concept related to the family Destiny.
Skills Affected: Weapons
[-2]Memories of the Ancestors. The wielder of this sword gains a + 1 Weapons while wielding it in combat as their ancestors guide their hand in battle. They also receive all benefits of the Ghost Speaker power (YS p. 169) as long as they are in possession of the blade.
[+2]One Time Discount. You’re not Duncan Macleode. You can’t hide a Katana on your Person.
[-1]Outsider Bane. This sword serves as the catch for any supernatural toughness abilities possessed by outsiders. This weapon increases and stress it inflicts on an Outsider by 2 steps.
[-0]The Quest. This item is unbreakable as long as it is used in the service of the family destiny. If it is ever used to further the aims or ends of Outsiders it looses it’s magical properties until the user redeems himself or it passes to a new member of the Akai family.
[-2] Might Over Magic:
Disruptive Strikes. You destroy ongoing spells by hitting them. Doing so requires you to roll your Weapons skill plus the weapon rating of your melee attacks (including Strength bonuses) against a difficulty equal to the spell’s strength or complexity. If you succeed, the spell ends.
Parry Magic. You may use your Weapons skill plus half of any stress bonus you have from Strength Powers in place of your Athletics skill to defend against magical attacks and maneuvers.


An ancient sword forged with Damascus steel. While no one is sure of the swords origins, none can doubt that in the hand of Jade Akai it dances like no other blade.


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