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  • Themes and Threats

    These are the City Wide Aspects that currently shape the Campaign: [[Death and Rebirth | Ash, Death and Rebirth]] [[Money Speaks]] [[The Only Law is your Own]] Previous or Altered Themes and Threats:

  • Death and Rebirth

    h1. Ash, Death and Rebirth ____No matter how bad the city gets, Calgarians will determine their own Identity, not have it dictated for them by others...__ **Faces** [[:ralph-barger | Ralph Barger]] [[:naheed-nenshi | Naheed Nenshi]] ** …

  • Money Speaks

    __In this town, the only universal language is Greed__ **Faces** [[:hern-n-cortez | HernĂ¡n Cortez]] [[:clay-riddell | Clay Riddell]] **Locations** [[The Bow Building]] [[Opus and Sol]] **Notes**

  • The Only Law is your Own

    __Unknown to most, Calgary is a supernatural War Zone...__ **Faces** [[:druh-farrell | Druh Farrell]] [[:jack-frost | Jack Frost]] [[:david-spence | David Spence]] [[:lucille-spangler | Lucille Spangler]] **Locations** [[The Conflux]] [[ …

  • Locations

    __A summary of the important locations of the campaign__ [[The Bow Building]] [[The City Hall Complex]] [[The Conflux]] [[The Old King Edward Hotel]] [[The Leclair Estate]] [[Lougheed House]] [[Opus and Sol]] [[Prince's Island Park]] [[The …