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  • Themes and Threats

    These are the City Wide Aspects that currently shape the Campaign: [[Death and Rebirth | Ash, Death and Rebirth]] [[Money Speaks]] [[The Only Law is your Own]] Previous or Altered Themes and Threats:

  • Death and Rebirth

    h1. Ash, Death and Rebirth ____No matter how bad the city gets, Calgarians will determine their own Identity, not have it dictated for them by others...__ **Faces** [[:ralph-barger | Ralph Barger]] [[:naheed-nenshi | Naheed Nenshi]] ** …

  • Money Speaks

    __In this town, the only universal language is Greed__ **Faces** [[:hern-n-cortez | Hernán Cortez]] [[:clay-riddell | Clay Riddell]] **Locations** [[The Bow Building]] [[Opus and Sol]] **Notes**

  • Locations

    __A summary of the important locations of the campaign__ [[The Bow Building]] [[The City Hall Complex]] [[The Conflux]] [[The Old King Edward Hotel]] [[The Leclair Estate]] [[Lougheed House]] [[Opus and Sol]] [[Prince's Island Park]] [[The …

  • The City Hall Complex

    __The amalgamation of buildings that houses the bureaucracy that runs the city, it engulfs both a modern new building and an old sand-stone building dating to 1912, this is hypothetically the centre of mortal power in Calgary...__ **Aspect:** Where …

  • The Old King Edward Hotel

    __Referred to by locals as "The King Eddy" this hotel was opened in 1906 and was open until 2004. Almost selected for a revitalization project in 2008, it is now the home of a scourge of Black Court Vampires.__ **Aspect:** Here There Be Monsters... …

  • The Bow Building

    __This highly modern skyscraper was completed in 2009, and now serves as the North American headquarters of MONOC Securities.__ **Aspect:** Helpful Hands...for a Price. **Face:**[[:sif | Sif]]

  • The Leclair Estate

    __An old estate semi-forested estate that predates a good portion of the city and borders Nose Hill Park. Historically it has been the home of the Leclair family, but with their withdrawal to Europe the massive home lies empty.__ **Aspect:** Bastion of …

  • Hernán Cortez

    Hernán Cortez is the original and has lived for centuries as the Denarian's Treasurer. However before becoming one of the Fallen, Cortez had been infected by a Red Court Vampire. Unwilling to put his fate in the hands of the Red Court, he partnered with …