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The Wyrd West: Eldrich Calgary

There are Secrets in the Prairie Grass…

Calgary is booming. Money speaks and it is talking loudly. But beneath the surface another world is bursting at the seams.

Something wicked surrounds Calgary, weaker magic tries to avoid it so not to be destroyed by the forces. It has bent the leylines, melted glaciers to ground it out but still something thrives beneath the city. And when it’s not some aberrant power pulling at the edges, it’s a faerie war, denarian banker, or any other number of baddies looking to tap into the ambient energy.

It’s all getting heated up.


Allister LeClair: The only -Warden- Ex-Warden in town. Hellbent, he will save Calgary.

America Armstrong: An unknowing, but incredibly proficient, bodyguard for hire. Despite his fervent disbelief in the supernatural, he was hired on as a security consultant for the Calgary branch of Monoc Security for his skill alone.

Dr. Declan Charleswood: The last in a line of monster hunters. He has used his knowledge of botany to lay poisons on the demons in his path. The demons that pop up in Calgary must face his wrath.

Elijah “Eli” Keegan Zweig: Another one of Monoc’s agents, he uses the unbridled power of a werewolf expertly in battle. After training in England, he came to Canada for his security job.

Jade Akai: She wields a spirit blade known as “Asi”, passed down through the generations. She travels the world to fulfill a prophecy but it is Allister that brought her to Calgary.

John Bluefeather: Combat engineer in Afghanistan to a fist of God. The discovery of a dying Knight of the Cross during battle lead him to taking up the sword. Once his tour finished he returned to Calgary to reforge the blade and enter a new war.

Simionce “Simon” Gunari: Romani-descended gambler and sometime con-man. He became indebted to Fortuna, the Goddess of Fate, during a poker game and subsequently acts as her hand in the world. His latest message from her sent him trekking to Calgary.

Themes and Threats

Ash, Death and Rebirth
Ralph Barger
Naheed Nenshi

Money Speaks
HernĂ¡n Cortez
Clay Riddell

The Only Law is your Own
Druh Farrell
Jack Frost
Lucille Spangler
David Spence


Death and Rebirth
The City Hall Complex
The Old King Edward Hotel
The Leclair Estate

Money Speaks
Opus and Sol
The Bow Building

The Only Law is your Own
The Conflux
Lougheed House
Prince’s Island Park
The Pumphouse Theater

Telus Convention Centre

Side Stories

Suicide King: When Simon meets Fortuna
Blood Moons: When Jade receives Asi
Bag Man: What Allister and Jade were the events of Coin Flip
Dead Man’s Hand: Simon gets a little sidetracked during the events of Suit Card

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