The Wyrd West: Eldrich Calgary

Suit Card
With Outsiders running amok and the Armstrong family visiting, can the heroes stop a gruesome set of killings?

Starring: America Armstrong, Jade Akai
Also Starring: Dr. Declan Charleswood,Elijah “Eli” Keegan Zweig, John Bluefeather
Guest Starring: Simionce “Simon” Gunari

Coin Flip
When a Denarian give up his coin, can anything be as simple as it seems?

Starring: John Bluefeather,Simionce “Simon” Gunari
Also Starring: Dr. Declan Charleswood, America Armstrong, Elijah “Eli” Keegan Zweig

Session 1

Scene 1: John Bluefeather is working on a warehouse renovation. He is visited by a tall, slim Man in a Suit. The man hands him an invitation to a ball being held at the Telus Convention Centre by Hernán Cortez. John is intrigued by the offer however he does not recognize the name and promises to get back to the man. He is given a card with a phone number and told to leave his response there.

Scene 2: Simon Gunari is sitting in a ramin house, spending his last $20 on lunch. He is approached by the Man in the suit, formally inviting the emissary of Fortunate to a ball being held. Simon sees this as an unavoidable obligation, when his pocket watch opens with a slip of paper naming the time and place of the ball. He agrees promptly.

Scene 3: Dr Declan Charleswood is working at the Zoo, dreading having to enter the Butterfly room (his least favourite animal). When he enters the only occupant is the Man in a Suit. Around him are piles of dead butterflies. He invites the last surviving scion of the Charleswood family to the ball, citing the respect the Denarians had for his father. Knowing he’s in a dangerous situation he accepts. As the suited man leaves, he is quietly pleased that the butterflies are dead and will likely take weeks to replace.

Scene 4: America Armstrong is called to the office of the branch manager of his building, Sif. Inside is Eli. They are to work security at an upcoming ball. Sif and Eli try to explain Vampires to America, however he is not ready to acknowledge their existence. It’s made clear that their employer, one Hernán Cortez wants it kept calm and quiet.

Scene 5: John heads to the home of his friend and acquaintance Allister Leclair, hoping for some advice on the invitation. He’s greeted at the door by Allister’s assistant Athena. John is informed that Allister is not at home, so instead asks Athena for advice. She gives him the number of Declan. John calls him, and recognizes him from Afghanistan. They agree to attend together. John calls the man and confirms his attendance.

Scene 6: Simon uses his Romani contacts to gain a limo and a date for the ball. He arrives in style and enters the party. They enter and head to the bar. There they run into to the host of the party, who flirts shamelessly with Simon’s date. Exchanging harsh words, Simon almost comes to blows with Cortez. Eventually Simon backs off when America intervenes and Cortez takes the girl off to a back room.

Scene 7: Declan and Charles arrive at the party, parking behind the building. They enter right as the party gets into full swing. A frosty young man, an elderly woman, and many other incredible guests arrive. As they mingle, things mostly stay calm. Eventually Cortez returns, and speaks announcing his intentions to shed himself of previous business relations. He then leaves. John hurries after him. Declan and Simon go to check on the girl. They wander through the halls and find her on a couch looking significantly the worse for wear.

Scene 8: Cortez takes off in a cab through the evening traffic. It’s busy and he gets a significant headstart on John. John drives very well, thundering through the land but eventually looses Cortez. He decides to drive around and think of the events of the evening.

Scene 9: Declan and Simon explore the back rooms behind the main convention hall, looking for Simon’s date. They find her curled up on a couch under Cortez’s suit Jacket. When they try and wake her she attacks them. Luckily they manage a solid blow to the back of the head and knock her unconscious. They are concerned over her condition but Declan recognizes it…as a Red Court infection.

Scene 10: In the convention hall proper America is supervising the clean-up by the security team. He spots Declan and Simon leaving with the girl. They’ve tied her up and stuffed a cumberbund in her mouth. He looks her over and sees how sick and out of it she is. America intercepts them and asks about the girl and where they are going. After a significant argument they leave. America calls the police with the License Plate number and reports a possible Rape.

Scene 11: The Limo is soon pulled over by the police. Simon splashes himself and the girl with liquor as to make them appear drunk. When the cops open the back they don’t fall for the ploy. They arrest Simon and Declan sending them to jail, with the girl sent to the Foothills hospital in an ambulance.

Scene 12: John continues driving around, trusting God to see him where he needs to be. He arrives at the Foothills hospital emergency entrance to find the girl from the ball assaulting her two paramedics and seemingly about to drink their blood. He jumps from his truck, sword gleaming and challenges her. In her primal state she charges him recklessly. He the effortlessly sidesteps and beheads her with a single stroke. He gathers up the body and drives to his church. Father Luke is on hand and promises to take care of the body no questions asked.

Scene 13: In the morning the police try and follow up With Simon and Declan, but with no girl and no proof, the rape case falls apart. They are let go. They call John for a ride and plane their next move.

Session 2

Scene 1: Declan, John, Simon meet and discuss sensing the Denarian coin. They plan to infiltrate the coin show, to capture it. Declan will fake being Finnish, Simon will serve as a translator and John will serve as security. They call Eli for information after Simon fails to find information. The party decides to convince Eli to let them in.

Scene 2: Eli confronts America to get the party on the guest list. America requires Eli to take responsibility. Eli is definitely willing to do so. Dan adds them to the guest list under Eli’s supervision.

Scene 3: Eli fills the party in. They agree to meet at Eli’s. America decides to show up with a gift to make friends. While Simon and Declan shower Dan arrives for dinner. America comes face to face with John but doesn’t recognize him. John claims the girl is dead, America is suspicious. When the rapists come downstairs, America starts inching out. The doorbell rings. 5 young Mormons show up and are invited in by America. John gets a bad feeling and retrieves Esperacchius.

Scene 4: Hellion 1 shoots John with hellfire for 4 stress. Hellion 2 attacks with his claws. John ripostes, dealing (6 physical stress). Hellion 3 charges up and slashes Declan for 3 stress. Hellion 4 blasts the stairs with hellfire (Manuver : the building is burning! ) hellion 5 attacks Eli with hellfire, inflicting a 2 stress hit. Eli attacks Hellion 4 with a knife but cannot pierce the armour. America prepares himself by drawing his gun and calling 911. Simon places an aspect of (Unsteady Footing) on Hellion 3. Declan kicks him down the stairs and out of the zone. Hellion 1 blasts with hellfire at John (inflicting 5 stress and a mild consequence ) . Hellion 2 is parried again and John impales him. His volcanic armour breaks revealing a young man’s body. Hellion 4 attacks but Eli parries. Hellion 3 puts (Gathering Power on himself). Hellion 5 charges John with his claws. Raj slices at Hellion 4 inflicting 2 stress. America investigates Eli’s Forge. Simon sprints downstairs and tries to collapse the building on the hellion. Declan jumps on the back of hellion 3 (Block 4). Hellion 1 whips flames up and sprays John with embers (blinded). Hellion 3 whips out all his fire and forces a moderate and severe consequence. Hellion 4 attacks John again with his claws taking a huge claw wound out of John. Hellion 5 attacks John, but he stumbles out through the window. Eli jumps out the window, grabs John and books it for his car. America lays down an incredible amount of covering fire (Block 7: Attacks). Declan and Simon take off down the street.

Scene 5: As Declan and Simon run down the street a cop car rolls up. They hook up with the ambulance and get some sweet shock blanket action.

Scene 6: America heads back into the office to get more information. On everyone. Finding the files heavily redacted he goes home, has a beer and goes to bed.

Scene 7: Eli and John go to the hospital.

Session 3

Scene 1: John is lying in his hospital bed. One of the elders of his reserve walks in and says that they know a person that can help, but at a cost. John is willing, and Listens-to-Wind enters. He makes John the temporary guardian of a great evil below Nose Hill. He is told to find a worthy and capable guardian for the long term, but in the short term, John has 24 hours before he’ll need rest. He meets up with Eli in the waiting room, and set off for wherever they’re needed.

Scene 2: Simon and Declan are in the back of an ambulance. They decide they need to escape. Simon gets out and tries to confuse the EMS. Declan tries to wander off but gets stuck back in the Ambulance. Simon borrows an EMT’s cell phone. He goes around the front of the Ambulance, flicks on the sirens on a police cruiser. While they are distracted Declan makes a break for it. Simon points him out and books it. The cop chases Declan, but Declan confuses him and escapes. They use the stolen phone to get a ride, then ditch the phone. They break into Declan’s house and have a good night of sleep.

Scene 3: America wakes up, drops his suit off to get pressed. He heads into the office and encounters Sif. She tells him they’re free to talk but he has to step into the ring. They discuss Eli, and his guests. Sif sees no problem with them, and pins him down. They share a mead, and then he asks what her training regime is. She invites him to train with her tomorrow morning. He leaves.

Scene 4: John and Eli head to Eli’s place, which is crawling with Cops. Eli drops John at his shop, and reminds him he’s only under his purview if he checks in as a guest. They spend the afternoon making a briefcase shield. Eli and John go out to buy suits. They are hella classy. They head off to get John’s truck, and Eli heads to the Show.

Scene 5: Simon takes Declan’s card but doesn’t have enough for the all their supplies. He only manages to put together enough for a pair of burners. Declan builds a fairly effective bomb. They stick the bomb in a duffel, making sure there are no identifying tags. They get dressed up and plan to get some supplies, but the watch tells him hey have 15 minutes. They report the car stolen, and head for the casino with no complications.

Scene 6: Earlier America meets Eli at the Casino. Eli explains only John is showing up. They discuss the situation and lay down some basic security concerns. America is a little over bearing. The party gets started with nary a problem. Cortez shows up early with the man in the suit, and they talk to America.

Scene 7: Simon and Declan call in the bomb threat, and head to a service door. The police notify the MONOC teams to empty the building. America lets people know there is a security concern and that they have to evacuate the building. He keeps the crowd calm and keeps things moving.

Scene 8: Earlier Eli sees Cortez enter and trades a a small wooden box with a middle aged woman collector for a conspicuous envelope. He and his companion move to a douche-bro and exchange another box for another envelope. The two of them leave through a side door. He then starts to move people out, he manages to keep the cloud calm but looses track of the people of note.

Scene 9: As Simon and Declan try and enter they run into Cortez and the Man in the Suit. they decide they likely can’t detain him and let them go. When they try to enter the MONOC man stops them and reports to America who sees through Simon’s lie. The MONOC man keeps them their while America searches for reinforcements. America can’t find spare men, but convinces Eli to take the door for one of his men. He arrives at the service door. America recognizes them and calls in their Car. Declan shoots him in the knee with a Crossbow. The MONOC agents cover them with handguns, as America fights his way to his feet. Simon sets off the bomb, causing mass panic and knocking America back over. Declan runs inside in the confusion and the MONOC agents keep Simon covered. He breaks down crying to buy Declan time.

Scene 10: John advances on the Casino in his truck. He passes the bomb, but manages to survive unscathed. He gears up, and manages to convince America to back him up. They head inside, and catch up with Declan. Declan greets them warmly and then the trio runs into Magog and Ursiel.

Session 4

Scene 1 America, Declan and John stare down the Denarians. The Denarians move fast and engage them. America empties a clip into one of them for no Effect. Declan shoots Magog with a Paralytic, slowing him and John uses the opening to get a solid blow in. The Ursiel tries to take down John but it’s only a glancing blow. Magog purges himself of the poison. America books it to the back room to find a convenient Forklift. Eli gets inside and begins to transform. John falls back to fight beside Eli. Declan fires an arrow with Holy Water, just missing Magog, then tries to take cover. Magog responds by hurling a Slotmachine at Declan. Ursiel lunges at John who again parries. Eli jumps on Ursiel but can’t break the armoured hide. America Jumpstarts the the forklift. Declan takes cover behind a table. John tries to strike down Ursiel but misses. Magog jumps through the air and pins down Charleswood by the neck. Ursiel throws Eli through the wall. Then America drives through the lobby, pinning Ursiel to the front wall. Declan fires his last holy water round, blowing Magog’s head straight off. Ursiel transforms into his human form and escapes right out front. John claims Magog’s Denarius.

Scene 2 As the dust settles from the fight, the police storm in. Taking stock of the situation they see the obviously supernatural fight has taken place. They take depositions from each person involved talking over them, and creating a Narrative of an Idle No More protest gone violent. America is greatly upset and pushes the issue. The cop in charge gives him a card with a number and address on it. America heads home for the evening.

Scene 3 John, Eli, Declan and Simon take Eli’s car up to Allister’s seeking council. On the way they drop the coin off with Father Luke. As they arrive Athen comes to the door. She informs them Allister is asleep. They demand entrance. She relents and takes them to a study. Allister is waiting, covered in cuts and bruises. He’s only wearing a house coat and boxers. They explain that they need help finding Cortez to get the coin. Allister is fairly liquored up and says he needs a symbolic link. Such as the coin. They drive down, get the coin but bring Father Luke with them. When they get back his entrance is refuse. They enter and Allister does a spell to track the Denarians. He gives them a map with the locations of four Denarians. He asks them to leave him alone.

Scene 4 America wakes up and heads to work to meet Sif at work. When he enters he finds her waiting. She throws him a spear. The training session is comprised of her attacking him. She informs him that she trains every day and that if he trains with her he will be beyond the skills of any special forces agent in the world. He takes a Gatorade and picks up the files on his comrades. He heads to the address on the card, which brings him to Allister’s estate. Athena looks at the card and shows in America to the study. Allister enters drinking more brandy. He listens to America’s story and then informs of the true nature of the world. America sits and listens respectfully and then asks how he is supposed to know if Allister is crazy or not. Allister pulls a Gandalf and then vaporizes a mug in front of him. America thanks Allister for his time and then asks if he could come back with questions. Allister says yes in return for a little muscle now and then. Also If America could deliver a letter when he left it would be greatly helpful. America goes to the washroom and cries a great deal. He heads to the address.

Scene 5 Declan awakes from his sleep to a banging at the door. He answers and finds America standing there. America slugs him in the face and pushes his way in. Simon tries to get in the way and gets a forearm splint to the diaphragm for his trouble. America sits down and informs them that there needs to be an accounting. John and Eli arrive planning to have a breakfast with them. They all sit down and fill in the b,asks for him. America delivers the letter and heads out to clear his head, but promises to come if they need him. The letter informs them that 3 of the Denarians have left town and there is only one left. He gives them the address. The party makes a series of preparations to take down an ancient and strong Denarian. They are concerned that he’s still got his coin…

Scene 6 America wanders the city worrying about the truths he’s uncovered. When he arrives home his phone rings. His grandmother is calling saying God told her he was in trouble. She tells him that his Grandpappy did not spend his best years fighting the kraut for America to falter. She tells him that he should open his Christmas present early. He says goodbye and inside he finds his grandfather’s rifle, modified with a grenade launcher. He also finds a letter from his grandfather encouraging him to take action. He loads up and heads to a local car shop where he picks up a monster truck and pays to make sure it disappears off the registry.

Scene 7 As the party prepares to head to the address, America shows up with his truck. The group heads down to the address in pump hill. There, America is sure he can jump the truck up into the office on the second floor. He does so, allowing the party to bypass the basic security. In the room is Cortez. The party jump out and threatens to kill him. He asks if it’s worth their lives. He states that of course he has the coin, as this was all a clever attempt to cause the various factions at play in the city to go to war. With the fairies on a war footing and others moving, he’s succeeded. Simon takes a picture of him with the coin but he hexes Simon’s phone. Declan wants to know what it will take to get the Hellions killed. Cortez offers him a Denarius, but they settle on one favour a Hellion. Cortez kills 5 Hellions. He lets them go and tells them he’ll be seeing them later.

Scene 8 Simon heads to the Lougheed house to spread the word that the Denarian is still active, but he finds it almost abandoned. America drops off his truck at work, and eventually the party meets up and strong arms Allister into coming for breakfast as they feel the situation is desperate and they lost. Allister is waiting and has finished his meal. He listens to them impatiently and then informs them that he’s been dealing with dead children and new vampires and has little time for their problems. He explains the situation is not nearly as bad as they assume. He pays for breakfast and leaves.


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